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Summer Outing


Watch US Grow’s eagerly anticipated Summer Outing had finally arrived!

The students, staff and volunteers were so excited, having known about it for many months. The bus left bright and early from Cumbernauld Train Station, making its way to Edinburgh. The first stop on the outing was The Museum of Scotland. Lots of people had never been before and what a treat was in store for them!

The Museum was absolutely huge! Everyone split up into smaller groups and allowed to wander, agreeing a meet up point and time. We started in the Animal Section, which was 3 floors high!! There was lots and lots of fun facts and information, and many animals, both current and prehistoric.

We then moved to the Space Area, this was amazing! We were able to look and touch at meteors that had fallen to Earth, see old telescopes and also view star alignments. There was also a China section which was fun and very colourful, and just too much to remember!

Everyone had a great time and everyone learned something new.


We then got back on the bus and made our way to our next stop, The Botanic Gardens, also in Edinburgh. Once we got there it was lunchtime and all the walking so far had built up a good appetite, so we had a quick bite to eat before making our way to the next part of our trip.

This next activity had been kept a secret from everyone for many weeks now and they were all eager to find out what it was. We had a quick walk through the Botanic Gardens to the activity, the gardens were beautiful so peaceful. There were squirrels everywhere which made everyone laugh!

We then walked up a small path to our surprise, The Edible Gardening Project.

This is a small section of the Botanic Gardens dedicated to growing fruit and vegetables, it is run by volunteers and it had been arranged that we would have an afternoon with the volunteers learning more about vegetables and growing them. The volunteers were so warm and friendly, making everyone feel very welcome. The volunteers started by taking us through their polytunnels, telling us about the various vegetables they grow there.

They then gave the students the opportunity to pick some peas off their plants, and these would be used in a salad we would make later on. The students quickly got started and gathered a lot of peas, eating a few in the process of course!! Then, we were shown raspberries and other berries; we were also allowed to pick them.

After all the gathering, the volunteers started to make a salad using the produce we had picked. Lots of the students gave them some help, while many also took a wander around the project, taking in the vast amount of plants there. The salad was delicious and we were even served a mint tea as an accompaniment, which was superb! The volunteers at the Edible Gardening Project were fantastic! They were happy to answer any questions we had and ensured everyone had a great time!

Unfortunately, it was time to leave; we made our way back to the bus and headed for a bite to eat. Tables had been booked for us at the Yang Sing Buffet in Falkirk. The food was delicious, with everybody having at least 2 plates of food!! It was sorely needed after all the walking and learning! After dinner, we made our way back to the train station for people to get picked up.

Everyone had a fantastic day and we can’t wait for the next outing!!

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