Our Garden

Watch US Grow Organic Garden

The garden is for adults with support needs, who run the garden through hard work, with staff and volunteers for guidance. Students gain knowledge, form friendships, get exercise, have fun and enjoy themselves. They also gain valuable social skills, which gives an important purpose to all involved.

The students have so far created a Rainbow Corner, Mary Poppins mural and this year hope to complete a Peter Pan mural. In the garden, we grow vegetables, flowers, plants, fruit and lifelong friendships.

The garden is open all year round, except for Christmas and New Year. Plants are also for sale all year round, and we have a number of plant sales throughout the year to help boost funds.

Through our work in the garden, we get commissions from people/ companies throughout Cumbernauld. We help to improve gardens and help keep them tidy. As an example, we created beautiful floral displays in partnership with Cumbernauld Village Community Council.


We have also been involved in the ‘Beautiful Scotland It’s Your Neighbourhood’ where we received an 'Outstanding' Award in 2016. Working in such a beautiful garden, means we get lots of animals coming to pay us visits. We are lucky enough to see birds, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, badgers, peacocks and the occasional frog in our pond over the Spring and Summer.

We have many people visiting our garden and we get lots of positive feedback; one such visitor said the garden ‘has a lovely calming atmosphere’. We would love you to come and have your own positive experiences in our garden so please pay us a visit.

Our Garden is open from 9.30am - 2.30pm. There is a map showing you where we are on our contact page