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September 1, 2015
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Neighbourhood Award 2015


It’s Your Neighbourhood Award

For the past two years, Watch US Grow have entered the RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards. RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is a community garden campaign helping people to make lasting improvements to their local community. Last year, an assessor came out to our garden and we were awarded a Bronze Award, and this year we hoped to better that!
Along with our award, we are given tips and suggestions on what we at Watch US Grow could do to help improve our score and other ways to help our local community. Everyone at Watch US Grow has been hard at work this past year ensuring we have made full use of the opportunities within our community and also putting into action many of the hints and tips given to us by IYN.
On the 10th of August 2015, an assessor came out to our garden for the second year of our IYN Award.Our garden staff and some students took the assessor on a tour around the garden, discussing what we’ve been doing this year, how we have improved on last year, and how we have been getting involved in our local community. Our students were great and had a lot of input with the assessor and had a lot of fun showing them around our garden.
The assessor seemed really impressed with all our hard work and the improvements we made on from last year. All we could do now was wait, with the results coming through over the next few weeks.We received our results through and we couldn’t be more pleased!! As you can read here, we have made significant improvements from last year, and our score has gone up a level!Everyone at Watch Us Grow is very proud to have been given a fantastic score of 82 out of 100 and achieving a Level 4 grade which shows we are Thriving!! We are already hard at work working on how we can improve on this score for next year and hopefully make it into the Outstanding Threshold!

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