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December 1, 2015
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Christmas Night Out


Christmas time for Watch US Grow is always very busy. We are either busy in the garden preparing all our plants for winter, designing and making Christmas Crafts, and also attending many crafts and plant sales. There is, however, always room for a social event or two, and our Christmas Night Out was no exception!!

After a vote within Watch US Grow, we decided to go to the Normandy Hotel on Saturday the 5th of December for their 70s Tribute Night, along with a delicious 3 course meal! This was the era for many people at Watch US Grow so we knew it was the right choice and everyone would have a lot of fun!

Everyone met at the pickup point, but what a night we chose, the weather was dreadful!! It was blowing a gale and pouring with rain! We eventually got on the bus and head off to our party. The food was delicious; we were well fed, ready to party! Everyone was up boogieing to the music of the 70s; we danced to music from ABBA, The Eagles, Neil Diamond and many more!

The bus came to pick us up about 12.30am, after a long night of dancing some of us were happy to put our feet up, but we had to literally drag some people away from the dance floor! They could have danced into the wee hours!!! We did get them off the dance floor in time to get home. Everyone who went had a really great time, although had very sore feet the next day, but it has certainly gotten us all into the Christmas Spirit and ready for all our events in the lead up to Christmas!

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