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June 1, 2015
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Boccia Tournament



Every Monday night, Watch US Grow runs a Keep Fit class for some of our students. For some time they had taken up the Paralympic sport Boccia, and since their skills had grown in the sport, we decided to have a tournament. This took place on Monday the 30th of March.

We invited along family and friends to watch and what great fun was had by everyone involved!! The tournament started with singles matches, getting quite competitive and some fantastic shots were played. Then we moved onto a large Team Match, which involved all the students being split into two teams, the tension could be felt by everyone as the match went underway! It was very close between the two teams but one team had to win!










Well done

A huge Well Done to Marianne and her team for winning the team match! We also announced the top three placings for the singles tournament. Well done to Mhairi for coming 3rd, James McC for coming 2nd and a huge Well Done to Linda for coming 1st place!!

We also wanted to hand out a prize for Best Sportsmanship. We were looking for someone who showed real showmanship, such as shaking their opponents hand before and after the match, congratulating the winner and all in all being a great sport. A huge Well Done to Emma for being awarded with this prize! Emma was a great sport throughout the night and had a great time, which was the most important thing of all for Watch US Grow.

boccia boccia boccia

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